Google Hangout round 2

8:24 AM
The first attempt to do an Inventor Hangout was a pretty abysmal affair.. I ended up talking to Inventors by phone instead!... but still see...

In defense of patents

4:29 PM
You come up with a great idea. You want to see hundreds, thousands  or maybe millions of people use it. But the people you compete with ha...

Getting help from Ric

9:14 AM
Again like last time I am being flooded with fellow Aussies who want some ideas about how to get their invention going or how to patent stuf...

Update on articles so far

2:04 PM
This article (above) appeared in the UK publication The Register. Its great to see people being supportive.

It's over!

10:38 AM
Its over! Uniloc and Microsoft settled... finally. Quite understandably the settlement terms are not being disclosed in a gesture of goodw...

Flat Tire Detection

4:58 PM
A simple system that alerts drivers to a flat tire without the need for RFID or any electronic sensors. I designed this system during an...
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